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Health Outreach Resources List

"Medical missionary work is in no case to be divorced from the gospel ministry. The Lord has specified that the two shall be as closely connected as the arm is with the body. Without this union neither part of the work is complete. The medical missionary work is the gospel in illustration." ~T6 240-1 


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Praying for Rain - Mini-Handbook for United Prayer - "A revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs. To seek this should be our first work... A revival need be expected only in answer to prayer." ~1 SM 121 
To order hard copies of the mini-handbook, contact Shelly Lowe: lowes@gcadventist.org


The Ministry of Healing "Medical missionary work is the right hand of the gospel. It is necessary to the advancement of the cause of God." ~T7 59

The Ministry of Healing Study Guide

Counsels on Diets and Foods

Counsels on Diets and Foods Study Guide


Disciples Interest Tracking Software 


General Conference Health Ministries 


North American Division Health Ministries 


Adventist Health Study-2 


New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists 315-469-6921
Debbie Cox, Health Ministries Director: 518-642-1291
Robert Castellanos, MD: 607-753-1544 - Available as an advisor for questions we may have regarding our work in health ministries.


NEWSTART Global Initiative  503-442-7911 - Everything you need to do comprehensive health evangelism in your community. EVERY church, large or small, can be involved in ongoing health evangelism with the user-friendly, inexpensive resources provided by this cutting edge health initiative! 


NEWSTART Club  530-422-7963 - Website to share with the community and for church outreach support. CLICK HERE to sign up your church and to be able to access downloadable materials for the Reversing Disease Seminars, NEWSTART Free Clinic, NEWSTART Health Expos and more.

LifeStart Seminars 580-504-2683 - More materials to help complete your 8 Laws of Health and Reversing Disease Seminars.

Health Education Resources 844-291-6333 or 423-949-8211 - Health Expo materials, replacements for peak flow meter mouthpieces. Abundant Living power points 


LifeStyleEXPO from LifeStyleTV


Nedley Health Solutions 888-778-4445 - Proof Positive, What's the Connection?, Depression the Way Out, The Lost Art of Thinking. Training for Depression & Anxiety, Emotional, Trama/Abuse/Addictions seminars.
EQ Summit Annual Emotional Intelligence Summit


SDA CHIP CHIP HEALTH 909-796-7676 - The Complete Health Improvement Program 

Kristina's Kitchen A free resource kit with recipe handouts, natural remedies and health talks ready for you to present yourself.


The Full Plate Diet 888-221-8892 - The Full Plate Diet Weight Loss seminar 


Lifestyle Matters 866-624-5433, Michegan ABC: 800-876-9222 - Simple Solutions - Diet & Stress, Foods for Thought, & Living Free seminars, Balance magazines, Balanced Living tracts, cookbooks. 


WIN! Wellness - WIN! Wellness seminar 


CREATION Health 407-303-7789 - CREATION Health seminar 


LifeLong Health 503-557-9538 - Healthy Living/8 Weeks to Wellness seminar and many other resources. 


Hamblin’s HOPE 855.HOPESOURCE - Organizational Helps for Conducting a Health Outreach Seminar, 8 Laws of Health handouts, Steps to Wellness lessons, bulletins, customized posters, flyers, banners. 


Adventist Book Center 800-765-6955 - The Bible, EGW books, True Revival, MH, CDF, MM, COH, etc. Handbook of Health Evangelism - Elvin Adams, MD, MPH, Vibrant Life pocket tracts, Vibrant Life special issues, health & cookbooks. 


Stop Smoking


Advent Source 402-486-8800 - Ministry of Healing Study Guide, Coaching Lasting Lifestyle Change, Depression seminar, Naturally Healthy (Young Disciple's children's program), Freedom Begins Here (porn and sexual addictions).


Vibrant Life 800-447-7377 - Subscriptions and special issues.


Journal of Health and Healing 423-710-4873 - Quarterly magazine from Wildwood Lifestyle Center. 


Family Heritage Books 800-777-2848 - Health Power, 7 Secrets Cookbook, Vibrant Life special issues, health books, magazines & cookbooks 


Amazing Facts 800-538-7275 - Clean: 7 Steps to Freedom - Addiction Recovery workbook and kits, StepFast Lifestyle Series, Amazing Health magazine & DVD, many other health resources. Public website: www.amazinghealthfacts.org


Young Disciple 509-722-4304 - Naturally Healthy interactive health program for children. 


Charcoal Remedies 308-665-1566 - Charcoal and books and DVDs about it. 


Quality Hydrotherapy Products 423-903-5041, 423-615-0043 - Hydrotherapy equipment, DVD, book. 


The Creator’s Way 231-929-7715, 231-631-2395 - Hydrotherapy and natural remedies supplies, DVDs. 

AAFCN 301-680-6733 - The Adventist Association of Faith Community Nursing


AMEN - The Adventist Medical Evangelism Network - Conference sermons, The Medical Evangelist magazine online.


Life and Health An arm of AMEN, dedicated to developing, creating and obtaining compelling, evidence-based life and health media. 


Northern Lights Health Education Free online videos by John Clark, MD. 

Compass Health Health information from David DeRose, MD. 


Vegetarian Nutrition (SDA) Winston Craig, Chair of Nutrition Department, Andrews University


Positive Choices Tools to help you make the best positive choices physically, mentally and spiritually. 


Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine 202-686-2210 - (non SDA) Free Educational Literature. Eating Right for Cancer Survival seminar and many other good resources. 
PCRM's Cancer Project


Dr. McDougall's Health & Medical Center 800-941-7111 - (non SDA) Lots of information. 


Vegetarian Nutrition (non SDA) Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 


Vegetarian Resource Group (non SDA) Vegetarian Journal online, restaurant guide, ingredients guide. 


Nutrition Facts (non SDA) Michael Greger M.D. scours the world of nutrition-related research. Plethora of articles and videos. 


Marriage Today (non SDA) Marriage on the Rock--excellent resource for healthy marriages!