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Collaborate means to work together.
Every woman is called to serve others - sometimes in a public way where others see and appreciate her contributions...but often one-on-one, or silently where only God knows the fullness of service.

Whatever way you serve, it is always fun to swap ideas, share what works and what doesn't, and encourge each other to keep walking, keep serving, keeping being God's hands and feet, mouth and heart.

Below are ideas that YOU have done, or thought of, or dream of!
Women in the local churches laboring to bring God's love to those encountered in the every day.

Borrow the ideas, send us more ideas, suggest additions to existing ideas!
Let's collaborate in being Women in Ministry!

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Camp Meeting 2015
Key Women

Spring Retreat 2015 

Canton One Day Retreat 
Bench Ministry
Conference One day Retreat
Bench Ministry

Massena Company
Holiday Party
2015 Fall Retreat 



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